Exterior House Painting

Because of the sheer size of the job to paint the exterior of your house, it can be a daunting prospect. We are geared up especially for the job so you don't have to worry!basic elements.

We specialise in exterior house painting and have many different methods to suit the surface type of your house. Whether it's pebbledash, roughcast or another type of rendered surface, we have the equipment at our disposal to cover it quickly and easily.

Be assured that we make sure all our work is carried out to a very high standard. For every wall that we paint, we ensure that the area is finished before the edges dry. This prevents any unsightly patches or a 'checkerboard effect' that you may have noticed when paint gets older.

Only high exterior paints are used for our painting jobs; particularly Dulux, Johnstone's and Crown branded exterior paints.

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Exterior Painted House

Make your house stand out

Exterior Painted House

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