Roofline is the name given to the group of products used to finish off the area around the eaves, or roof of your home. These include fascias, soffits, fall/rain pipes and guttering systems.

As it is the most exposed part of the building, they are subjected to constant attack from extreme temperatures and weather conditions throughout the year, which can lead to their deterioration.

A deteriorating/rotting roofline can make your property look run-down and even result in structural damage by attracting woodworm and vermin. By updating your old roofline with high quality, weather-resistant uPVC soffits and fascias you can save time and money on decorating and maintenance while also adding value to the property.

K&M install guttering systems based on the requirements of your property, including high capacity systems suitable for larger roof areas. We use only the highest quality materials.

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Roofline - Before

Old deteriorated Roofline

Roofline - After

New uPVC Roofline